Looking for some help getting oriented to a new sport? We offer lessons for Stand Up Paddleboarding, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Wing Foiling, and Hydrofoiling.  All lessons include all necessary gear and safety equipment.


Stand Up Paddleboarding- $60 HR. This can be done in either the semi-controlled environment of the Indian River Lagoon for "flat-water SUP" or in the ocean for "sup surfing."  If this is your first time on a paddleboard, we recommend learning in the Indian River Lagoon. Contact us at 321-406-1964 or email [email protected] to book your lesson today!

Flat-water SUP is very easy to learn. The initial lesson will focus on gear size and selection, getting on and off the water safely, common hazards, as well as basic technique.  SUP is not a difficult sport to do, however, it can be more difficult unless proper techniques and equipment are utilized.

SUP Surfing is the perfect way to enjoy the surf!  Whether you are a seasoned surfer looking to try something new, catch more waves, or change up to a sport that is easier on your body or whether you are new to riding waves in general, SUP Surfing is an ideal sport.


WIND WING- $60 HR.  If you are local or traveling to the area, Brevard County offers an ideal place to learn to wind wing or wing foil. Wind winging, wing-dinging, wing foiling, etc... all describe a sport where an inflatable hand-held sail is used to pull the rider through the water. It can be done on a large board, like a SUP, but is most fun when a hydrofoil is added. The hydrofoil creates lift which propels the rider out of the water while the foil stays underneath the water surface. It is the most perfect windsport, in our opinion, that takes advantage of the best parts of other windsports, while eliminating the worst.  Additionally Cocoa Beach is the perfect location to learn as the water is shallow and sandy with few hazards.  Contact us at 321-406-1964 or email [email protected] to book your lesson today! 

Initial lessons focus on learning how to setup and manipulate the wind wing. Initially, a large board is used without a hydrofoil in order to learn the wind portion without being concerned with understanding the hydrofoil. Once you are able to tack across the wind, a hydrofoil may be added. At this point, you can begin to practice on your own and confidently sail to and from shore while learning to control the hydrofoil. 


WING / FOIL DISTANCE LEARNING-  If you are not in the area, but looking for help learning to wing foil, there are tons of resources available online. Or, if you are local, but looking to save a bit, this can be an option too. One of the most comprehensive and best tools we have found to take you from zero to hero is the Duotone Academy App available for free.  However, the first step to learning on your own is selecting propper size and style of gear that suits the conditions you are likely to encounter while also taking into account your unique attributes (eg: size, fitness level, similar watersport experience, free time, etc...).  We look to develop life-long customers and have your best interests at heart and are able to shift our recommendations to fit your unique goals. Most of the time, the balance is between gear that is easiest to learn on while not becoming obsolete or "too easy" by growing out of it too soon. We'd love to help guide you in making your purchase decisions and helping you start your journey.


BOAT ASISSTED- $125 HR. If you are interested in hydrofoiling, this is a great way to get started.  We use a board buoyant enough to float you while standing still on the water.  Gradually, you practice controlling the lift of the hydrofoil and touching back down.  Once you are able to confidently control the hydrofoil, adding it to another sport like SUP, wing, or kite is easier. Although not a necessity, plenty of people have learned to foil without being pulled by a boat, this will make learning faster and easier.