Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 How often does something get damaged during shipping?

In short, very rarely do we have damage to anything we ship out. This is because we spend hours unpacking and repacking each item with additional packaging and materials to make our best effort to get your gear to you intact.

1.2 If I buy online, can I pick up at your shop?

Yes! We are open daily Tuesday to Saturday. At checkout, please select "in-store pickup." 

1.3 Do you ship outside the continental United States to places like the Barbados, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, or Puerto Rico?

Yes, not only do we ship to hard to reach places, we take extra care to pack your order to survive the journey.  We use a variety of methods including ground freight, sea cargo, and air cargo. If you are wondering about a specific destination or would like a quote, please email [email protected]

1.4 Why do you charge for shipping? Don't most places offer free shipping?

Yes, we are aware that other shops sometimes offer free shipping. However, check their reviews. Frequently, these shops will do nothing more than place a label on the package. We spend several hours with each board to unpack and re-pack it to ensure everything possible has been done to make sure you receive your gear intact and not a repair project.

2.1 Is there a fee to try the items listed on your Demo page?

Yes, we charge to demo any of our equipment listed on our demo page. If you choose to purchase any item in the same category you demo (eg- board, wing, foil, paddle, etc...) within 7 days, we credit your demo fee toward the purchase of that item. 

2.2 Do you sell your demo gear?

Yes, but we will list it on our "Used" page when it is for sale.  Good gear lasts so you will see our demos go from season to season, even if minor changes are made to the shape. We think it is also a great advertisement for why to buy quality brands as you can see how an item can be expected to hold up over the years with normal wear and tear. 

2.3 Do you buy used gear?

We would love the opportunity to consign your used gear that is in good condition for 30% of the selling price. We can also assist in helping to repair your gear in order to sell it. We do not have interest in broken or irreparable gear.

3.1 Do you really have everything listed on your website?

Yes! Many shops advertise gear that they do not have in order to receive the order online. Then, they try to find the gear from shops that have it for a "finder's fee," or try to switch you to something similar that is in stock. Every effort is made to keep our in store and online inventory current with what we have in stock or arriving shortly.

3.2 Why have I never heard of your shop?

We don't know... We were born in the 70s and educated in the 80s and 90s. We really didn't see this computer thing taking off and being key to our daily lives. As such, we are seriously lacking in the knowledge it takes to build an e-commerce business. We are better live and in person. Pick up the phone and give us a try!

3.3 Is your shop really as good as my friend says you are?

Yes. You have smart friends. Thank them for sending us the referral and please do the same. Word of mouth advertising has always been our biggest source of new business.

3.4 Do you match prices?

Yes... We certainly want your business! If it is an offer that you were emailed, please forward the e-mail to [email protected]  Or, if it is an online promotion, please take a screen shot or copy the weblink and email it to [email protected] If all else fails, just pick up the phone and call us, we'd be happy to view the link and adjust the price manually.

3.5 Do I have to pay sales tax? Shipping? Both?

We don't make the laws and we don't mess with the government. If you are purchasing within or picking up in the (great) State of Florida, our amazing Governor Desantis asks that you kindly remit 7% tax. If we are shipping outside of Florida, we do not collect your sales tax as we are not registered in your state to remit sales tax. If you are shipping inside Florida, yes, unfortunately we collect both. However, shipping is discounted and the government appreciates your contribution.

4.1 Are the products listed on your site covered by a warranty?

Yes, for specifics, please visit the webpage for the brand and product you are interested in for more information.

4.2 If I have an issue that I think might be covered under the manufacturer warranty, will you help me file a claim?

Yes, we are happy to help facilitate communication between you and the original equipment manufacturer. We know it can be frustrating when your gear doesn't perform or last like you think it should.  Each company handles the process a bit differently. If you think you have an item that needs to be evaluated, please send photos of the issue, the serial number, and the date of purchase to [email protected]

4.3 I was just paddling along and my board broke in half. Is that covered under warranty?

We hope you are laughing when reading this. But, yes, this has been an actual question more times than we care to admit. No- SUPs, wings, foils, paddles, bags, etc... are not subject to spontaneous combustion.