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The world’s most Winning board in all conditions.

From entry level riders, to elite racers; the All Star has claimed countless victories in international and world championship races. The All Star is the board of choice for all conditions, and is the most versatile race design.


Stability – Refined vee design underneath the board has proven to be the most efficient and stable All Star concept to date.

EVA Race Deflector – Designed for larger ocean chop, the deflector diverts water from entering the standing area.

NEW Open Cockpit Design – Volume refinements to the All Star reduce weight. The front of the cockpit has been reduced to save weight and give the rider more room in the standing area.

NEW Round Tail Design – Creates better hydrodynamic flow at the tail, for less wash and a faster gliding board.

NEW Trimmed Inner DeckThe slope of the standing area has been tuned for comfortable standing in downwind and better water release when turning, and has further reduced volume for a great weight saving.

Multiple Handle PositionsCustomisable handle positions for beach starts.

NEW Recessed Scupper Center Drainage – All new scupper drainage systems are integrated into the board, featuring a much larger drainage opening for faster drainage.

NEW 10” Fin BoxGives riders flexibility to adjust their fin depending on race style.

NEW Soft Rounded RailsOur most stable and easy to use rail shape gives you complete control in all conditions.

High Side Wall – For the best performance in chop, the high walls gives you control in choppier conditions while limiting water from coming into the standing area. Amazing stability is achieved by a low, recessed standing area – allowing you to paddle on narrower sizes with ease.

Carbon FinsUltra light carbon fins are included with the All Star. Flash is our fastest and most maneuverable racing fin, available on narrower sizes for All Star. Flash+ features larger surface area for increased stability.

VersatilityThe All Star is the proven most versatile board ever. Winning dozens of ICF World Titles in Flatwater Sprints, Technical Racing and Distance Events.

Vee Tail – Assisting in tracking and control, the tail vee gives you complete control in flatwater and in surf, aiding in better release.

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