2024 STARBOARD SUP BAG 8' 7" - 8' 8" X 32" PRO/SPICE/WEDGE

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                       SUP BOARD BAGS


                                 THE RECOVER BAG

One of the lightest, toughest and most eco-friendly board bags on the market.
Waste2Wear are innovating the textile industry to use recycled plastics, transforming them into fabrics that Starboard use for all of our board bags. For each meter of fabric, at least 10 bottles are recovered and used to make the recycled polyester material.


  • Recycled polyester 450D fabric – Ultra-durable ripstop technology
  • Flipped construction – 8/10 mm padding
  • Air ventilation – Heavy duty corrosion free
  • Extra-padded shoulder handle



The Starboard ReCover are flipped inside out, like t-shirts, creating a lighter bag with a double thickness padding along the rail edges.

This inverted construction eliminates the need for heavy reinforcement webbing, making the bags significantly lighter.



Heavy-duty non-corrosive YKK buckles and zippers are placed away from the edge of the bag to protect your board’s rails from damage, while removing the need
for an overlapping layer of zipper protection.

This helps to reduce the weight of the bag even further.

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